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South London, UK

Email address:takako@takako.uk
mobile phone number: +44(0)779 860 3390
Takako is ready to host Essentrics

I am a level 3 certified Essentrics® instructor for both Aging Backwards program and the Comprehensive program.

I teach individuals online and I offer services for organizations, in-person and online.

Takako is hosting Essentrics class
Takako is hosting Essentrics class Takako is hosting Essentrics class

I'm passionate about sharing the benefits of Essentrics®. It's a relaxing workout that suits everyone – young or old, athletic or not, and regardless of flexibility.

My Essentrics® Story

I started the Essentrics® instructor course during the lock down. I was rather stressed and tired because of doing less exercise during the pandemic. After starting the Essentrics® instructor course, I truly felt the benefits; energized and feeling younger. Gradually, I could get on with more things like house chores. I had a shoulder pain and could not lift up one arm up but now I can raise my arm up to nearly vertical. I had knee pains from time to time and those are now gone. I feel more positive and ready to experience, explore and learn completely new things.

In the past, I have tried different exercise classes, but being over fifty, I found most other classes too challenging to keep up with because they were full of young adults brimming with energy. In the other classes with slower movements, such as Yoga or Pilates, I struggled again because those can require a lot of flexibility and strength. I could not even sit fully upright on a mat because my hamstrings were tight.

In Essentrics®, we can work on everything at our own comfortable pace. Even I (not flexible) can work on flexibility! It is important to condition our body to reverse atrophy, anyway.

In my Aging backwards program, I am focusing on regaining energy, mobility and relieving pains and tensions through slow movements and gentle stretching to feel refreshed and younger afterwards. Whether you are flexible and fit or not so flexible and not so fit, you can work at your own pace.

Takako is hosting Essentrics class Takako is hosting Essentrics class

A Bit About Me:

Originally from Japan, I moved to the UK in 2000. My background is in sales administration, and I've always loved interacting with people and assisting customers. Apart from my passion for Essentrics®, I enjoy ballroom & Latin dancing, music, and all things creative.

Takako is doing essentrics Takako is doing essentrics
Please contact me: takako@takako.uk