Age Reversing and Healing Program

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Small Online Class Sessions

ESSENTRICS® with Takako, South London, UK

Small Online Class Price

price ten pounds for one lesson and 
seventy pounds ten lessons seven pounds is now free with best wishes Essentrics

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday 10am Aging Backwards (1 hour)
Monday 4:30pm Aging Backwards (1 hour)
Tuesday 8:00pm Comprehensive Toning (1 hour)
Thursday 10am Aging Backwards (1 hour)
Thursday 12:00pm noon All Standing (30 minutes)
Saturday 12:00pm noon Comprehensive Toning (1 hour)

Enrolment Procedure

(Step 1) Please contact me by email: takako@takako.uk
(Step 2) I will send you an "Enrolment and Waiver form" and the payment details
(Step 3) Please make a payment at least 24 hours before the session.
(Step 4) I will confirm the session is booked.
(Step 5) I will send you a link to join the class 15 minutes before the class.

(Note) If the session is disrupted by a poor internet connection, and has to stop, I will issue a voucher for the time lost.

a lady is holding a mat To do the exercise comfortably, I recommend having:

about mat I recommend doing the session in bare feet.

elastic band equipments