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Miranda and Sahra ESSENTRICS® is a scientifically designed anti-aging exercise through gentle sequences. It is perfect for all ages and fitness levels and it will leave you feeling energised, youthful and healthy

ESSENTRICS® is a dynamic, full-body, yet low-impact and equipment-free work-out that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening, while engaging all 650 muscles. It rebalances and tones the entire body and improves the mobility and the energy level.

book ESSENTRICS® is a healing program and perfect for injury recovery and prevention, pain relief and stress release. It is also used a part of training for professionals and Olympic athletes.

ESSENTRICS® was founded by Miranda Esmonde-White. She is a former ballerina and the author of “Aging Backwards” and “Forever Painless”. She hosted Classical Stretch show on American TV for 13 seasons. Essentrics site is here.

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Miranda is doing Essentrics Women and men of all ages who…